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Frainbreeze Sound Trance MIDI Essentials Vol. 1-2

Are you looking to bring your productions to the next level with some banging Uplifting & Energetic Trance sounds ? F.G. Noise Trance Essentials Vol. 1 is a brand new trance sample pack produced by talented sound designer & producer F.G. Noise. Known for his releases on labels such as Monster Force, LW Recordings and many more.

Frainbreeze Sound Trance MIDI Essentials Vol. 1-2

This is a very nice set, has 25 construction kits, lots of midi with included fruity loops demo project file for creating your own ideas quickly. I first bought it for the sounds then i noticed the FL included project along with the midi construction kits. Each kit contains a set of midi files. very inspirational set overall. I am very happy with this purchase. Thanks again Myloops.

Soundbreeze collaborated once again with Myloops to bring you Sylenth1 Trance Essentials Vol. 3. This is a soundset of 64 premium Sylenth1 Presets, made specifically for trance music, and created by talented artist Soundbreeze. 350c69d7ab


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